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Dear Competitors/prospective Competitors,

In general any system, method or software that provides payment transfer between two different utility accounts by debiting/crediting said accounts using an intermediary (server) are protected by the following patents. If you are unsure whether you may infringe, please contact us for information or let us know why you consider otherwise. You are invited to negotiate a non-exclusive licence or even to be our Accredited Payment Intermediaries (subject to accreditation). I am open to suggestions for adjudication for those who may not be so easily convinced of the validity of my patents.

  • US Patent 7461010

  • Claim 1 says : 1. A computer readable storage medium storing instructions that, when executed by a computer to perform a method for payment or fund transfer transactions, the method comprising: providing at least a centralized payment processor linked to networks connecting to at least a telecommunication carrier provider's server having telecommunication accounts and corresponding account identifiers; providing a wireless communication device; the payment processor receiving at least a transfer amount, a payee's account identifier upon initiation of a transaction over a first network from payer; the payment processor receiving at least a payer's account identifier from said payer; the payment processor receiving at least a password from said payer; the payment processor transmitting said payer's account identifier, said password and said amount to said payer's telecommunication carrier provider for authentication; the payment processor transmitting said payee's account identifier to said payee's telecommunication carrier provider for authentication; if said authentications are both approved, includes a further step by the payment processor transmitting to said payer's carrier provider to record a debit entry for said transfer amount in said payer's account and transmitting to said payee's carrier provider to record a credit entry for same for said payee's account; and whereby said payment processor is a single point of contact to process transactions between payer and payee having accounts with different telecommunication carrier providers without said providers communicating with each other over said networks.

  • US Patent 7487126

  • Claim 1 says : 1. A computer method for conducting fund transfer over at least one network by crediting and debiting utility accounts comprising the steps: providing utility accounts linked to account identifiers maintained by at least one utility provider and said provider is connected by a network to a payment processor having memory for executing a computer program causing said processor to perform when executed by said processor, the method comprising: receiving a request for payment from an identifiable payer for an identifiable payee; confirming said request; if said request is approved, crediting a payee's utility account and debiting a payer's utility account respectively with a payment amount; and whereby said utility accounts are selected from a group consisting of water, electricity, gas, telecommunication and data services accounts and said payment amount is transferable between different and same accounts within said group.

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