smartscape - the new payment service offeror,
designed to make it easy to pay on the mobile phone.

Accredited Payment Intermediaries

Accredited Payment Intermediaries perform an important role and interpose between themselves and various Mobile operators. They also have to adhere to scheme rules including accounting, before, during and after a payment transaction.

The entire schema can be seen in Fig 1 below. We are inviting interested parties to be Accredited Payment Intermediaries (API) providing the payment server/exchange as depicted below in "yellow".

Who are likely candidates for API ? - You have a need for payment for your clients (users) or you are currently offering payment transactions as a facilitator. Those in the former category includes social sites, auction sites, merchants sites and the latter includes banks and non-banks with interest in payment services.


In addition to managing the billing request between consumers and mobile operators, a key responsibility of an Accredited Payment Intermediary is to present the on-screen payment pages to the end user. 

The contents of these payment pages must be the same across all Accredited Payment Intermediaries and participating mobile networks. 


Fig 2.  The cost and terms and
conditions of services are clear
to consumers before they agree
to ‘Pay Now’.