smartscape - the new payment service offeror,
designed to make it easy to pay on the mobile phone.

Smartscape, the easy way for anyone to pay on any mobile network.


Smartscape is the new payment service offeror, designed to make it easy to pay funds in terms of air-time or any monetized units between different telecommunication networks using our patented Universal Payment System (UPS).

First invented in 1999 by KH KWAN, I have since received 2 US Patents from 2008 in this field (a third is still pending). This invention has been developed to promote a trustworthy and consistent standard for paying/receiving by or between mobile users using different telecommunications service providers, and for consumers to buy with confidence when they are making one-off payments or setting up subscription services via their mobile phone and merchants be assured of payment across different networks.

With UPS, users only need their mobile phone number and a password (if needed for extra security).

With UPS, we also offer opportunities (by licence) as Accredited Payment Intermediaries across a differing range of criteria depending on requirements to operate a trusted payment scheme to ensure that the best interests of mobile users/consumers are protected while conducting online transaction.

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